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Testimonials from ALL previous attendees

“It is an amazing, eye opening experience into the world of medicine.” – J.S –
“A thoroughly enjoyable experience that encompassed the journey of becoming a medic from getting into medical school to choosing your speciality.” – A.B-
“This was a fantastic experience and I’ve clearly seen the reality of Dentistry and Medicine.” – S.R.
“The day gives you more of an understanding on what being a doctor is really like.” – Z.N.
“Interesting and encouraging for those looking to study medicine.” – J.L –
“Simply, helpful!” – M.T.
“It has given me an overview of the wider experience.” – A.T.
“MDX events have heen a fantastic way for myself to develop basic skills and to decide whether medicine is for me.” – Anon
“I now realise how rewarding the profession is ad more about myself and my strengths.” – F.H.
“MDX events has given me greater insight into the industry I hope to apply.” – R.A.
“The course provided a great experience in which the requirements of medicine were made clear. It concentrated on helping us learn whether we were suited to medicine in a most helpful way.” – T.S.
“It helped clear most of my doubts!” – A.H –
“The day was very helpful in providing the necessary information to make the important life decisions of perusing medicine.” – B.C –
“The day was a fantastic experience. I managed to get everything I wanted out of the event.” – U.K.
“I am now aware of the necessities for dentistry/medicine and the requirements needed.” – Z.O.
“Very insightful and helped me make a clear decision.” – S.P-
“Very informative, insightful and essential for any student interested in medicine. Best advice given. Money well spent.” – A.B.
“It was a really insightful day and very interesting. Gave a real feeling of what a career in medicine is like.” – C.C.
“MDX experience day was so engaging and interesting, an honest view about the career path that we were considering ran through the whole day, helping making the right decision. I came knowing no-one but due to the layout of the day I have made some great friends, I really enjoyed it.” – I.B –
“Great time talking to doctors and I had a great insight into medicine and dentistry and their different areas. I loved it!” – R.S –
“Great opportunity for students to see what life is like as a doctor.” – N.B –
“This was a fantastic experience and I’ve clearly seen the reality of Dentistry and Medicine.” – S.R.
“I have found out a lot more about studying medicine and dentistry and what working in a hospital is like.” – P.N.
“I can now answer why I want to be a doctor instead of just saying I want to help people.” – M.I.
“Practical application gave a different view no other person can give you. Gives a sense of what it feels like to a doctor.” – N.Y.
“Amazing, interactive and enlightening experience. A crash course in medicine which gets you to see if your values and ambitions will actually be fulfilled with medicine as a career. It gives a realistic view, or at least as close as possible to reality.” – T.M.
“This has helped me understand what is needed for medicine and the kind of people that do it.” – A.P.
“Great insight! I’d like to say thanks.” – A.J.
“This has reinforced how much dentistry is suited to me.” – T.L.
“It is really useful and enjoyable!” – Z.U.
“A very good experience that helps broadens your mind to the world of medicine.” – C.C.
“The day has really confirmed my ambition to have a career in medicine and i now feel ill have a much clearer idea of what I can talk about at interview/personal statement.” – L.G –
“A good day which is really useful for discovering the perspectives of doctors and dentists, and also for those who are still unsure.” – A.V.
“A fascinating day that gives real insight into future courses for those considering dentistry or medicine. A worthwhile day for prospective students.” – R.S.
“It’s developed my understanding of myself and the types of learning.” – B.C.
“I would recommend this to anyone who is considering taking dentistry. I really enjoyed. Very beneficial.” – M.S.
“MDX was great. It has given me a deep insight as to what makes the perfect dentist and allowed me to think about how I can put these qualities into practice to make me a successful candidate for dentistry.” – I.A.
“I’ve found this experience very useful and worthwhile. You get an insight of the experience of how a medical course is like through practicals and simulation involved in becoming a doctor.” – Y.C.
“The staff running this course really gave me faith in my potential and taught me alot about myself. Great combination of learning and fun!” – A.P –
“Gave me an insight view as a doctor.” – N.A –
“The MDX experience was so great. I got to learn about myself and it’s given me so much more information. If you’re not sure about doing medicine you must come to this. It will help, trust me.” – J.K.
“The whole event was very beneficial to my understanding on Medicine, so it has given me a firm footing to pursue it.” – W.A.
“Really helpful, I had no idea about problem based learning beforehand.” – S.R.
“I now know the realities of a doctor’s life.” – A.N.
“The MDX experience has really answered all my questions and I feel much more satisfied! It was definitely worth it!” – H.S.
“It was a wonderful day! Thank you to all the faculty staff – I shall remember your help when i’m studying medicine.” – A.H –
“Talks from the dentists were really informative.” – B.Y.
“I really enjoyed the day. The combination of learning about yourself, to appreciate others and to practice practical skills. It was great!” – R.S.
”The MDX event helps you make that life decision.” – P.A.
“I understand the viewpoint of junior doctors now.” – C.W.
“The MDX experience gives you necessary information on being a doctor from professionals in the field. A day out not to be missed.” – J.S.
“MDX is an enriching experience. It is a well worth use of time even if it means taken out time in the exam period!” – J.T.
“Being a doctor is good and really amazing.” – T.K –
“A great opportunity to decide whether medicine is right for you.” – T.Y.
“Excellent day and well planned and thoroughly helped me.” – N.B.
“It was very inspiring and informative and it was a very enjoyable experience.” – C.L.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my day. I have benefited from it a lot, as I have learnt practical skills as well as theory. It was nice meeting people in the same position as us. It was great.” – S.Q.
“The MDX event has opened doors in my medical career.” – F.D.
“I found the day extremely helpful and I loved the practical sessions.” – H.B –
“An amazing day that helped me gain a better understanding of medicine and the following years.” – H.B –
“The teachers were very approachable on the day! It made the day very helpful.” – Anon
“I would recommend the MDX event to all considering Medicine and Dentistry.” – A.A.
“Although work experience can be achieved through the hospital, it can’t provide the information the MDX event did to encourage me and also a deeper way to describe myself and express the values.” – D.S.
“A great day which will inspire your mind. Definitely recommend to anyone who is sure or unsure about medicine and dentistry.” – A.M.
“The experience helped decide my future life choices.” – C.D.
“The tutors were amazing, really enthusiastic – I was pretty certain I wanted to do medicine but today has made me even more determined.” – E.C –
“I now have a greater insight into what medical universities are looking for.” – I.Z.
“Real eye opener and gave me a proper insight into going from a student to being a fully qualified doctor. Covered the whole spectrum.” – N.A.
“Great event that helped with my application and gave a good depth of knowledge on what universities look for.” – J.H.
“It has given me a better understanding.” – J.T.
“MDX has taught me specific aspects of medicine and dentistry.” – N.J.
“The MDX event has given me a great insight into the challenges as well as the merits of studying medicine and becoming a doctor. I feel even more assured of my choice after attending this event.” – O.S.
“This experience gave me invaluable advice on applying to dentistry. It also helped me to realise what my achievements are and how I learn best.” – N.D.
“It was an eye opening experience. Combining practical work, theory and discussion made the event very worthwhile.” – L.L –
“Absolutely fantastic, a definite course for any person looking to do medicine.” – T.D –
“Gave me an insight into the world of medicine.” – A.J –
“Talking to junior doctors is really helpful…I learnt a lot in 1 day.” – R.V.
“The MDX event was an amazing experience that I have gained so much knowledge from for my UCAS applications as well as preparations for interviews. I have been reassured medicine is where my future lies.” – H.S.
“It was an excellent and informative day and definitely worth it.” – N.S -
“MDX is worth your time, it was an engaging and motivational day. The team who helped for the day were so informative and relatable. The St Johns Ambulance team were brilliant.” – J.H -
“It was a very useful experience.” – R.A.
“This event is valuable for anyone wishing to enhance their UCAS application.” – A.F.
“A very informative yet enjoyable day! I’d recommend it to any wannabe medics.” – A.W –
“Very important to attend if you are unsure about medicine or dentistry.” – Anon
“An experience which will tell you the truth about medicine or dentistry without any hidden complications.” – R.B.
“A great day full of interesting lectures, enthusiastic speakers and entertaining hands on learning.” – S.I –
“Interesting and very informative day.” – S.H.
“It was an amazing event, very helpful.” – S.B.F-
“I found the medical experience day inspiring and extremely useful. The practical sessions allowed me to learn techniques and skills which I wouldn’t learn elsewhere.” – K.B –
“A great day with some really enjoyable practical work.” – H.F –
“It shows you a more realistic view of what being a doctor involves and the dedication it involves.” – S.H.
“The day was a total eye-opener. I am now more determined to be a dentist and work even harder to gain entry into dental school after exposure to the reality of the rigours of medicine and dentistry.” – H.S.
“I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Very informative and I enjoyed the theory mixed with the practical.” – S.P.
“It answered many queries and helped me make a decision.” – M.W.R -
“It improved my knowledge” – M.S –
“The MDX event will provide you with insight into doctors lives, so you can prepare yourself for what lies in our future.” – T.M.
“It’s given me a wider knowledge of dentistry as a career and how I should tackle applying to university and writing my personal statement.” – S.C.
“I know have a wider knowledge of medicine.” – S.L.
“I better understand how I’m suited to Medicine and Dentistry and also alternative pathways to medicine.” – A.M.
“The conference was fun, everyone was open and it was very interactive so I felt comfortable to voice any questions.” – M.S.
“The MDX event has really shown me that I do want to pursue medicine and it’s especially helped me think about the path I need to take on my journey to Neurosurgery.” – S.R.
“I know more about how daily lessons take place and have more important details for the interview.”
“A great insight into the world of medicine.” – A.E.
“The MDX event has given me a clear perspective to which I can definitely choose a career in medicine, as I was unsure at the start.” – R.R.
“The experience has been eye opening and challenging. It has been very helpful and I do recommend people to come!” – R.P.
“The MDX experience has given me a great experience and insight knowledge.” – G.K.
“I’ve learnt what it’s like to be a doctor.” – G.A.
“I have a deeper view on how medicine and dentistry actually works and what you are actually taking on by choosing this career.” – A.V.
“The course has helped me understand how important it is to believe you can be a good doctor, and has been a very useful insight.” – B.H.
“Great understanding helping me decide whether Medicine is right for me and the wide career choices after studying medicine.” – .M.G.
“If I did not attend this meeting I would not have been the prospective medic I would plan to be.” – F.R.
“A very useful day! Invaluable learning experience.” – P.B –
“I found the day very motivating and it gave me a good insight.” – G.D –
“A brilliant day leaving you knowledgeable and further inspired to studying dentistry.” – L.S.
“A thoroughly entertaining and informative day.” – J.H –
“A good insight into the world of medicine.” – A.E.
“A very insightful day with help that I never would have thought about asking.” – S.H.